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Satisfy your sweet or savory snack craving

We go out of our way so you don't have to.


Try out best quality Snack foods

With a bevy of delicious snack options we can satiate your party, trail, game day or simply snacking needs. Compliment your candy with the perfect pairing of pretzels, sesame sticks, cashews or snack mixes.

RazzMaTazz Trail Mix keeps you going.

Trail Mixes

We have an amazing selection of trail mixes in store for you; featuring blends of highest quality nuts, chips, snacks, dried fruits and vegetables plus unique spice and seasoning blends.

Chris' Party Mixes are the Best

Party Mixes

Wait till you try our Party Mix Blends, healthy and filling snacks that will have guests and hosts commenting and complementing.



Complete your party dip with our premium pretzels and dipping sticks.
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Mustard Dips

From honey to horseradish to pub beer and more, Our mustard dips are fantastic for snacking or for use in a wide array of recipes.

Stuffed Pretzels

Stuffed Pretzels

oh . my . god - these are awesome. Might contain products made with peanuts (yes, they definitely do).

Scones and Baked Snacks

Cookies & Scones

Amazing, bake at home Scones will have you singing like Mary Poppins! Just add water, place on a tray, and bake!
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