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SugarFree Candies

Sugar free solutions for all your dietary needs!


Special Diet? Special Snacks

Perfect for people on specific restricted diets. Containing no refined sugar, these assorted candies use mostly natural sugar substitutes to sweeten them. They are however not a reduced calorie food. With these delicious candies, we don't need to give up on enjoying a sweet treat now and again.
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Ednas Sugar Free Hard Candies

Hard Candies

Eda's Famous Sugar Free Hard Candies are perfect for any-time and any-where.
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Sugar Free Gummies!

Sugar Free Chocolates

Many of our sugar filled chocolates come in a Sugar Free alternative. From chocolate covered pretzels, nonpareils, bridge mix, almond bark, sea salt caramels, almonch butter crunch, coconut cream, almond cluster, chocolate meltaway, cashew caramel patty to chocolate meltaway, there are delicious choices to to take care of your chocolate cravings.
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Sugar Free Gummies!

Gummy Bears

If a chewy candy is more to your liking, we offer Sugar Free gummy bears, cherry chews, chocolate chews and licorice chews. Oh so yummy!
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